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What is a bespoke Miorama project?

Miorama presents a new type of visual content – that is driven by the use of custom stages.

Stages are in actual fact web pages that you can appear in using your 3D camera. Usually the first thing people ask is if they can set a custom background like a beach or a famous landmark. Of course you can! But with Miorama that’s just the start. Why not appear on top of an interactive map, an infographic or ask the audience to not just interact but also participate in your story.

Put simply, when you commission a bespoke Miorama project we’ll create a series of highly customised virtual stages where a journalist or presenter can appear and tell their story. In a sense, we create virtual scenery for your story.

Make Miorama your film studio and start creating unique content for your audience today.

What sort of stories can you tell?

With Miorama you can create content that simply wasn’t possible before. You can use Miorama to:

Make your longread more engaging

Are you producing long-form text content?

Why not make it fun? The main advantage of long-form text is that it allows people to tell a story with lots of detail. Doing so gives the reader the ability to immerse themselves in the intricacies of the set, characters and plot lines. The problem is that many readers prefer short-form content and rarely engage with long-form content.

At Miorama we help content producers create pioneering new storytelling formats and techniques that increase the consumption of their long-form content. By integrating interactive video content within their long-form content. Creating these videos does not take long. And the impact is large.

Let’s schedule a call to discuss how we can help you make your long-form content more fun and engaging for your target audience.

Represent financial information effectively

Some stories depend on the communication of large volumes of data and statistical information. In order to keep consumers of this content engaged storytellers are increasingly using infographics – a visualisation technique used to turn numbers into beautiful images.

In Miorama we’ve gone one step further by enabling people to appear inside the infographics that they create. This technique has been used to help explain stock market movements, financial reforms, corruption scandals or budget announcements. The results, increased views, engagement and shares.

Financial information is important, let’s work together to present it in new and different ways. Call us.

Make your election coverage interactive

Elections can be on different levels. National, local or even for a student committee. And here we are happy to try to collaborate in two ways.

We think that Miorama can be used to review how things change during an election. By developing custom stages, media outlets can record unique interactive videos throughout an election and deliver ever-changing information in a uniquely visual format for their audiences.

For those who participate in the elections Miorama is an incredibly powerful tool that allows you to present complex information to voters in a way that they’re likely to engage with.

We have a lot of ideas of how this could be done. So be a pioneer and stand out from your competitors by being the first media company to take advantage of these compelling concepts. Want to learn more, give us a call.

Create content that all sports fans will love

Are you commentating or analysing a sports tournament? Are you responsible for a sporting organisations media output?

We’ve got some great ideas on how to make your web pages so engaging they attract thousands of clicks and gets your fans voting, asking questions and coming back to your website time and time again.

Call us to learn more.

Daily reviews of the latest news

We’ve developed a format that’s perfect for interactive news and reviews. Select the best speaker from your editorial team and ask them to talk about the stories that have been added to your website today.

There’s no need for a recognisable star. Viewers will appreciate the personal nature of the content produced with Miorama. The whole process of creating this video will take 15-20 minutes and requires no special skills in video editing. Just share the best news you have and watch how consumption increases. Get in touch to learn more.

Causes and campaigns

Those who have something to say step forward. Sometimes we need to fight for our rights, for the rights of a community, the environment, or to make the world a better place.

Video is one of the most effective ways to spread the word. After all, seeing is believing.

We know how to make your message more powerful and how to engage new and existing audiences. We know how to use our cutting edge technology to aggregate attention.

So if you have the courage to fight, and if you’re happy to have our support, we’d love to provide you with an amazing tool that will help you get your message heard. To get started, let’s talk.

Have a crazy idea?

We want to hear about it! Contact us today we’d love to talk.

Our services

  • Concept creation and development
  • Design and coding of customised stages and widgets
  • Creation of interactive videos
  • Miorama training
  • Training in storytelling

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  • Award-winning team of developers
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